Call today: 20 minutes of your time could save up to 20% or more on your Group Health Insurance premiums!

Small Business Insurance

Searching for an affordable Individual Health Plan? We are your local source for quality, affordable coverage and enjoy helping clients like you save money on health insurance since 1978.

Disability Income Protection

Protect your income with Disability Income Insurance coverage from BENEFITS SUPERMARKET today.


Searching for an affordable Medicare Supplement plan? Trust the Benefits Supermarket Agency to guide you every step of the way: During your working years, your employer may have provided your health benefits. However, upon your retirement, you may need a Senior Healthcare Plan.

Life Insurance

Are you looking to protect your family or to preserve a legacy?

Long Term Care

Also Serving White Plains, The Bronx, Queens, Long Island, and Surrounding Areas. Are you looking for long term care insurance coverage to protect your portfolio, assets, and family from the unexpected in the Yonkers, NY area? Let us help you research and locate.


Self-Insuring: Investing, in Employee Health. Are you considering an alternative funding method for your small business's health insurance policy? Let us help you find the self-insured solutions to better control costs and manage employees' healthcare.

Tell us about your needs. We'll listen And then work with you to make sure you've got


You want to give your employees the best benefits possible, but when you have to search through thousands of providers, you may not always find the best coverage. At Benefits Supermarket in White Plains, NY, we offer the right coverage for your business. We can find the small business health plans that will fit your company’s needs the best.

Let us handle the administrative aspects of managing your group medical plan for FREE.  We will process all enrollments/terminations, field employee benefits questions, assist with filing insurance claims and provide your Human Resources team with a trusted source to rely on.


What sets us apart from other benefits providers is our continued service and support to your company. Not only will we find the right benefits for you, but we’ll continue to advise and help you with questions you may have about your company’s benefits.

The benefits we find will renew every year, so if you’re not happy with the benefits you have, or if the small business health insurance we find for you increases in price, we can help you search the market again to find better coverage.

And since we are often compensated by the insurance providers, you can receive our services at no cost!

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