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Long Term Care Insurance

Are you looking for long term care insurance coverage to protect your portfolio, assets and family from the unexpected in the Yonkers, N.Y. area? Let us help you research and locate affordable, appropriate long term care solutions today.  We are locally based here in Yonkers, N.Y. and will shop all the major carriers to find a solution, saving you time and money and be able to clearly present them to you in-person.

Long term care insurance is designed to cover individual healthcare expenses if you can no longer provide care for yourself or perform everyday tasks due to chronic illness, aging, disability, or injury.  A lack of long term care insurance can leave you and your family in a state of crisis financially and emotionally.  The costs involved with this type of care in the Yonkers, New York City Metro area are astronomical and continue to skyrocket but we are here to help.  Long-Term Care should be an essential part of any sound financial plan to protect assets from potentially debilitating, long-term care related expenses.  Typically, a long term care policy will help to ensure that assets are protected.  Statistics show the likelihood that the aging population will require some sort of Long-Term Care related healthcare expenses are much greater than a house fire or an automobile accident, yet people are less inclined to purchase a long term care policy than homeowners or car insurance.

Financial Stability in a Time of Need, Long Term Care Insurance

While aging is one reason that you may need long term care insurance in the future, several other situations may prompt the need for a long term care policy. A chronic illness, disability, or injury could call for the use of your long term care benefits.  With an affordable policy that offers coverage for certain types of essential benefits, you can avoid becoming a liability to your loved ones in a time of need.  A Medicare Supplement alone is not enough to cover Long-Term Care related expenses in the Yonkers, New York City Metro area where costs can run upwards of $10,000 – $15,000 per month in 2020.

Selecting the Most Affordable Long Term Care Policy with Appropriate Benefits

Shopping for long term care insurance can be challenging so we’d like to facilitate and clarify the process for you. We represent all of the major insurance carriers and we will shop the market to match you with the most competitively priced long term care policy that offers the appropriate benefits coverage in Yonkers, N.Y.  Aside from age and health, three (3) factors will have a significant impact on determining your premium: the daily benefit, the length of coverage, and the inflation protection chosen for the policy.

Other Factors to Consider when Choosing a Long Term Care Policy

When selecting a long term care policy for the Yonkers, N.Y. metro area, you will also need to decide whether your policy will cover the bulk of your exposure to this risk or just a portion allowing for the purchase of a smaller, less expensive policy to supplement the cost. There are ways for certain individuals to leverage existing life insurance cash values to purchase long-term coverage, as well. When it comes to long-term care coverage for the Yonkers, N.Y. area, we feel that something is better than nothing and we are determined help you find appropriate and affordable coverage tailored for your specific needs and budget.

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