H.R. Problems Solved

Compliance, Employee Issues, Policies, Procedures, Operational and Strategic Issues for a fraction of the cost of a full H.R. Department.

Our Clients

  • First or second-generation family businesses
  • Companies between 10 and 500 employees
  • Companies with sales between $1 million and $100 million

The Problems We Solve

  • Compliance – Too many laws, rules, and regulations
  • Employee Issues – There are too many to list
  • Policies and Procedures – All the things that make a business run smoother
  • Strategic – A plan designed to fit your needs
  • Operational Marketing & Networking – Put the appropriate operations in place to sell


Ask Todd Questions

Unlimited ticketing service for all of your HR questions.

Human Resources

For all of your HR needs, no matter how big or small.

Remote Operations

Let us be your remote team of operations. From Digital Media to Strategy and Operational Networking.

Training Courses 180+

We offer over 180 compliant online training courses in a variety of areas and subject.

Sexual Harassment training

Living Handbook Creator

Looking For a
Special Project?


Release the pressure valve that builds in business owners whenever legal or day to day HR issues pop-up. We create customized solutions for each client, starting fresh or building on what is already in place. Our team builds a customized solution tailored to meet the client’s objectives while focusing on price, service, and doing what is appropriate for the client, so it makes sense for the business and helps the owner put HR issues in the rearview mirror.

One of our sales team will be happy to assist you ASAP
with any of your questions, or to simply assist you with
getting started with one of our great services.


To be the preeminent expert HR firm, delivering fractional
HR Services across the country. We will grow the company
through acquisition and retention of private business
clients using a dynamic HR team who will build and execute a customized plan for each client. Our hand-selected HR Expert is matched to the client to become part of the management team because they have years of experience to draw upon. All clients and Team members will have a similar approach to business and life as the
leader of TurningPoint HCM, family first and growth is the only option.


1. Family First.

2. Growth is the only option.

3. Freedom to manage your way in a changing environment.

4. Can-do self reliant attitude.

5. Capitalize on individual talents and behavioral styles.

Meet Our Carriers

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