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Searching for an affordable Medicare Supplement plan?

During your working years, your employer may have provided your health benefits. However, upon retirement, you may need to find your own coverage to Supplement Medicare. There are several options to consider and we specialize in Medicare Supplement Insurance.  We can help to assess your current and future healthcare needs so that you select the policy to suit your needs now and in the coming years.

Medicare is an essential part of every senior’s health planning, but it was never intended to provide for all of your healthcare expenses.  Healthcare costs continue to rise, potentially leaving many expenses that Medicare does not cover as the senior’s responsibility. Unless you have the right insurance coverage, these expenses come out of your pocket.  This is where a Medicare Supplement comes in:

  • Affordable, standardized plans: we offer plans A – N and will match you with the plan that suits your needs.
  • Freedom to choose your own healthcare providers
  • Nationwide acceptance
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Selecting the right plan

Medicare Supplement insurance policies are standardized by the government and benefits are all the same by law. Depending on the standarized plan you select, the coverage may vary based upon Medicare deductibles, coinsurance, and other medical expenses that happen not to be covered by Medicare. However, insurers’ rates and services vary, which makes it important for Senior’s to have the right advisor to assist and articulate plan coverage and benefits.  We can help to simplify this process by providing a free analysis to match you with the right Medigap plan based on your needs now and medical expenses you may expect to incur in the future.

Who is eligible for a Medicare Supplement Policy?

People who are age 65 or older who are enrolled in both Medicare Parts A and B.  You are also eligible if you are under age 65 and qualify for Medicare due to disability.

What does a Medicare Supplement Policy Cover?

To learn more, call today for a FREE no cost, no obligation evaluation from one of our local Agents.  You may also complete the “let’s chat” form on the right of this page.  We are a family-owned and look forward to serving you.

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