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Individual Health Insurance

Searching for an affordable Individual Health Plan?

We are your local source for quality, affordable coverage and enjoy helping clients like you save money on health insurance since 1978.  The market for health coverage evolves rapidly but we offer a wide range of products that compare favorably  to the traditional Individual Health Plans located on the Public Exchanges.

Individual Health Insurance Plans:

Our traditional Individual Health Insurance Plans feature major national networks at affordable prices for qualified individuals and employer groups.  Our plans utilize major national carrier networks available in ALL 50 states providing more robust solutions and value than plans typically found on public health insurance Exchanges.  Most public exchange plans feature small, “narrow” networks which are limited geographically and the choices available for doctors and hospitals.  Our team of advisors are courteous, knowledgeable insurance professionals and we look forward to serving your needs.

Affordable Medical Sharing Plans for Individuals & Small Business:

We also offer a new breed of coverage called Medical Sharing plans which have recently become very popular.  These plans utilize a major national network and present as an excellent alternative to traditional individual health insurance plans found on the exchanges.

Customized Benefits Packages:

Medical sharing plans come with the ability to fully customize a program to suit your unique needs.  We will support plans purchased through our agency on an ongoing basis for FREE.  Since these plans are fully customizable, members can purchase the coverage they need helping to significantly reduce costs as compared to the traditional individual health insurance plans found on public exchanges.

Honest and integrity have kept us in business for 40+ years and some clients have experienced upwards of 20 – 60 percent savings with our plans.  Please note that our services are FREE and do not affect your rates in any way.  Call NOW for your FREE no cost, no obligation plan evaluation and quote(s) today!