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We believe that telemedicine is an excellent complement to the health benefits provided by employer groups; as well as, self-insured businesses and organizations. By eliminating obstacles in the Doctor/Patient relationship, telemedicine can significantly reduce over-utilization of higher cost doctor’s office and emergency room visits.   Meaningful savings can be created by reducing unnecessary utilization; while at the same time, increasing access and member benefits.

The key is to encourage employees to seek treatment for medical issues quickly, and proactively using the telemedicine provider.  In doing so, an estimated 70% of non-emergent medical conditions can be addressed by simply speaking with the doctor first!

Employers will:

  • Lower annual health care costs. Telemedicine can save the average business 25% or more in annual healthcare costs. Consultations are far less expensive than the cost of a primary care physician, urgent care centre or ER visit.
  • Reduce employee absenteeism. Employees can address minor medical issues without taking time off work. Some telemedicine providers can even advise and prescribe medication right over the phone.
  • Enhance productivity. Offering a telemedicine program can enhance employee recruitment and retention. It drives employee satisfaction as part of healthcare benefits package especially for employees who travel frequently.
  • No open enrollment period. Telemedicine networks and providers are not insurance. Rather, it is very simply connecting a member with a doctor giving employees prompt access to real-time physician care, and is available 24/7 via telephone or over the net (video conferencing, web chat, etc.).

Associations & Unions will:

  • Differentiate association benefits Allow for prompt access to U.S-based, licensed physicians via telephone or email. It directly addresses the pressing need for convenient, easy medical consultations.
  • Boost member recruitment and retention by offering a value-added benefit for members. Membership is affordable and multilingual services may be available.
  • Provide “members-only” access to online health tools:  Typically, members can store their Electronic Medical Records and share them easily with their Primary Care Physician (PCP).
  • Cater to rural residents and frequent travelers. Those in rural areas will have access to non-emergent care without driving long distances. Members who travel frequently can consult with a doctor while on-the-go.
  • Lower members’ healthcare expenditures. Medical consults are free or cost about the same as a co-pay and are far less expensive than the cost of a PCP visit, an urgent care facility or an ER visit.

Members Will:

  • Prompt access to U.S.-based, licensed physicians.
  • Convenience of obtaining medical care at work, home, or on-the-go.
  • Save money by avoiding costly co-pays, or in-office doctor’s visits.
  • Quality care from physicians who can provide consultations, recommend treatment and write prescriptions when appropriate.
  • Continuity of care with the ability to send detailed care reports to your primary care physician or another care coordinator.
  • No denials based on pre-existing conditions – everyone is accepted.