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Group / Individual Health Insurance

Searching for Quality, Affordable Group or Individual Health Insurance?  Trust the Local Experts
Benefits Supermarket Agency is your local and independent source for cost-effective health insurance options specializing in employee benefits since 1978. The market for Health Insurance is changing but a range of new carriers have recently become available.  We represent all the leading carriers and the NY State of Health Insurance Exchange: Call today for your no cost, no obligation evaluation with a professional agent and start saving money now!

Honest and integrity have kept us in business for over 30 years so please call today to reduce your costs by up to 20 percent or more without sacrificing coverage.  Our services are FREE and will not affect your rates in any way.  When carriers compete, you win: let’s chat today!

Customizable Benefits Packages
We will customize a benefits program to suit your unique needs perfectly while also helping to increase employee satisfaction and encourage proper utilization of the plan.  Our sterling customer service has kept us in business since 1978 and we look forward to serving your firm by supporting the plan on an ongoing basis.

Affordable coverage, unparalleled personalized service
The marketplace continues to evolve but our commitment to a consumer-centric approach remains constant.  Benefits Supermarket Agents will provide the personalized, family-style service you deserve while helping to ensure you make an informed decision about the purchase of your group health insurance coverage.  We have locations in both Westchester and Long Island.

Website and HR Management Technology Included with Employee Benefits Packages

For groups with more than 50 members, Benefits Supermarket Agency will build a free customized website to facilitate the management of your benefits plan. With this unique website, you will have a secure online resource to organize and streamline most employee benefits administration.  Your customized website will include:

  • Business Name and Logo
  • Plan Summaries for Each Line of Coverage Obtained through Benefits Supermarket.
  • HR Database written and updated regularly by attorneys to keep you informed and compliant with various HR-related regulations.
  • An Insurance Glossary of Terms to Facilitate Better Understanding of Your Plan.
  • Valuable Tools to streamline benefits plan management for the professional HR director.

Additionally, the HR administrator will be able to add, delete, or place former employees on COBRA, and current employees can check and compare benefits, view enrollment dates, etc. Our HR technology for employee benefits management excellent tool for any business.